1 in 7 travelers to Vegas make plans after they land in one of the noisiest places on earth. Leading us to a white space in the only place they weren't being heavily marketed to, in flight.

I concepted and directed a first-of-its-kind campaign with an in-flight gifting program. The program was distributed on United Airlines flights going to Las Vegas and cut through the clutter, engaging an audience in their seats with gaming-focused offers and varied food & beverage offers. Seatmates began to trade cards & make plans to visit The Cosmopolitan at 30,000 feet.
In the first 6 months, 600,000 gifts were distributed, coupled with 30,000 new loyalty members joining in the initial 6 weeks of activation. With a remarkable 5% redemption rate, this initiative captured attention & paid for itself in the first 6 months. The campaign was such a success that it was extended for another 2 years, with over 5 million distributed, solidifying its place as the best-performing OOH campaign for The Cosmopolitan.
Gold Reggie Award
Gold Davey Award
Gold MarCom Award
Featured on Design Bureau

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