As a newly-branded B2B environmental science company, Envu wanted to not only be seen as a leader in the category from day one but finally stand for something bigger than our product portfolio, which had defined the division – and our industry – before its divestment from Bayer. By identifying the opportunity to claim our role as the environmental future company, we communicated our vision for the future across all of our business segments: one where we see how to serve our partners and ultimately ensure our world’s greatest works of society and nature will flourish. Together, we could “Be a Force with Nature,” and create a future where everyone could thrive.

In addition to the creation of the campaign, a toolkit was created for all 8 different marketing segments to be implemented across the globe to adapt for regionality. 

Materials created, brand campaign video, segment videos, print collateral, web and digital assets, social posts, email campaign, and a toolkit guide.  

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