The objective, strategically position Penfolds Wine in the luxury wine category. A 2-day select guest experience at the Villard Mansion in Manhattan, New York. I concepted and directed my vision for the look and feel of the house and curated the guest experience throughout the 2-day event. 
I designed an invitation to the event that could not be forgotten which included a custom commemorative cast iron wine key inside that was the key to the house. 
Partnering with GQ Magazine for the contest “Best Dressed Somm” as a lead-up to the event to created industry buzz. The winner was announced on day 1 of the event. The new Grange Wine was unveiled and shared with everyone in attendance. 
During the day distributors arrived to sample wine and attend seminars. Upon check-in, they were given a cast iron wine key with a unique RFID tag pre-registered with their information. Distributors could taste wine throughout the house and scan their key at iPad stations mounted at each wine bar to take short surveys that allowed the sales to collect data.
As a unique offering of the event wine collectors could meet with Christie’s Auction House to have their wine cataloged and evaluated by Penfolds Sommelier DLynn Proctor. Workshops and seminars were led by resident winemaker Peter Gago and the Reidel Wine Glass  Company.
Results: 115% increase in case sales
Gold Reggie Award
Bronze Chief Marketer
Professional Award Bronze Pro Awards
The Invitation
I created a custom invitation for attendees of the seminars and wine tastings at the Villard Mansion in Manhattan, NY. I had the idea of creating a skeleton key for the house that is also a corkscrew. I designed the key and worked with a manufacturer to make sure every detail was correct.  and designed a corkscrew that looks like a skeleton key to the house but when unscrewed it's also a corkscrew. These invitations were hand delivered to consumers by attractive brand ambassadors. 
The House
Grange Wine Bottle Display
The client wanted a way to display Grange Wine bottles from every year while still keeping them secure. The display asset would be utilized at future events as well. I designed a modern glass case that heroed the wine bottles and could live beyond the look and feel of the house.

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